How To Buy And Sell Products From Any Brand Even If They're Restricted...
It was a cold winter morning in November of 2017 here in the Atlanta, GA area. I was on a roll, I finally cracked the code and I was gaining unprecedented access to thousands of manufacturer direct products from big brand names that were selling like crazy on Amazon.

I had my product research skills fine-tuned and was implementing a hyper-growth strategy for my Amazon business and it was working. In the months leading up to November I was implementing the things I had learned and made note of how I had more than doubled my monthly sales volume in just 3 short months.

I was running into a problem though, I needed more and more products to sell to feed this hungry beast! My growth hit a plateau because I needed more SKUs!

Now let’s go back 1 year… After researching some competition out there (specifically Million dollar Amazon sellers) I started to glean little shreds of truth until it finally dawned on me what these Amazon power sellers were doing.

More specifically, how were they able to sell top name-brand products from vendors that don’t allow Amazon sales and/or amazon had restricted somehow?

Either by some magic they were convincing the manufacturers that their volume was sufficient enough to justify their permission to sell on Amazon or something else was at play.

I won’t go into the mechanics of how I learned this but after some digging I figured out that they were setting up pseudo “brick and mortar” storefronts in order to receive merchandise from vendors who may not allow Amazon sales and vendors who are supposed “restricted brands” on Amazon as well as vendors who only sell to brick and mortar locations.

These sellers were raking it in, killing it and their accounts were not getting suspended.
I decided to set up my own “pseudo” storefront and start pressing the line. The line being that imaginary line that most Amazon sellers dare not cross for fear of suspension. I knew that to keep pace with my current growth I needed more SKUs and I needed them fast. 

I decided to start applying to sell the goods of some vendors who are restricted on Amazon, that only sell to brick and mortar companies and who do not allow Amazon sales in order to investigate some theories I had.

Admittedly this was a bold move, I was crossing the line, I was asking for it. Some might call me crazy but I assure you there was a well researched method to my madness.
In short I eventually learned (after much legal investigation) that it’s 100% legal to sell any legal goods (that are legally acquired) in any legal marketplace anywhere.
It’s not up to Amazon or anyone else to teach you these laws and they will suspend you for ignorance and failure to comply with them.

You can sell any brand on Amazon without fear or worry of suspension but you need to know HOW to do it by following some very specific but simple procedures. Amazon and every other company out there must also abide by these laws. Long story short, I went forward with confidence.
Now that my confidence was bolstered I decided to go after one of the most popular brands on Amazon… Hatchimals!
Going into their application process I was immediately presented with their requirements to be a retailer. One of the first things I read was a letter from the CEO of the company stating that they are no longer accepting Amazon sellers and will no longer be issuing “permission to sell” letters to gain approval to sell their goods on Amazon.
Go back a year and this would have stopped me right away but knowing what I know now, after heavy research and trial and error, I decided to press forward just to prove a point that will become evident later down the page.
I would have to say that Spin-master Toys (the makers of Hatchimals and many other popular toys) was probably one of the toughest accounts I ever set up. They are restricted on Amazon and they wanted proof that I had a physical storefront. I went through two “gatekeepers” as each one investigated my business deeper and deeper. Finally after about 2 weeks I made it past the “due diligence” crew and was assigned an account representative. I placed my first order just in time for some Q4 sales.
Spin-master is just one of many examples where I tested the hard-facts I’ve learned. I now do this as a regular part of my business operation. I now have the ability and little known skill-set to set up accounts and sell the goods of any brand and my business is now geared for unlimited growth with access to most any brand I want to sell.

In addition to this, I have the ability to sell the goods of any brand even if Amazon restricts the sale of that brand. I simply provide Amazon the invoice they ask for in order to approve me to sell these restricted brands.
What happens when you get an infringement claim?
Go back a few years and I would have been petrified to receive a letter from Amazon stating that “your account is under review” because of intellectual property rights infringement, copyright infringement or counterfeit claims.

Equally as scary would be a threatening message in my seller account from a brand owner saying they will “report me to Amazon” and attempt to get my account shut down.
Oddly enough, I rarely get these letters from Amazon (or rights owners) and when I do I have all the proof I need to appeal and have the frivolous claim removed!
So here’s what I learned:
Brand owners cannot stop you from selling their goods when you acquired those goods through legal means. When you receive an infringement claim, the one complaining is actually filing a frivolous claim in an attempt to get you suspended (this is also against the law and against Amazon TOS by the way). It’s not possible to infringe on a copyright if you did not create the Amazon detail page so never create a detail page for a product you don’t own (this includes bundles). It’s not possible to infringe on the intellectual property of a brand owner when that brand owner sold you their goods or you acquired their goods legally through any other legitimate channel.
All you need to combat every claim is a specific knowledge of the law and there’s a specific way that you need to combat these claims. It’s easy to combat and win these claims with one simple email but Amazon won’t teach you… It’s not their job; they could care less.

There are certain legalities by which Amazon must abide, they don’t want to suspend anyone but they must suspend you if you repeatedly receive infringement claims without proof that you didn’t infringe.

My goal isn’t to scare you, in fact, it’s quite the opposite. My goal is to set your mind at ease. In reality it’s rare that I get infringement claims anymore and what’s funny is that I’m selling some of the biggest, most restricted brands out there.

Also, on occasion a brand owner will contact me because they notice that I was selling on Amazon. I will teach you what I say to them and then they allow me to sell on Amazon forever afterward!
I have created an in-depth course that outlines everything you need to know and do such as:
  •  The simple and specific laws: That make all this possible and how to use them for your own protection and advantage.
  •   The MINDSET: How think about your business in order to be able to buy and sell ANY brand.
  •   Setting up a Commercial Address – Super easily and very affordably.
  •   ROAD TESTED: The proven approach to getting approved by almost any vendor to sell their goods (even if they restrict Amazon sales).
  •   Includes copy and paste contact emails
  •   What to say on phone calls with prospective new vendors
  •   All you need to know to get approved for accounts
  •   Protecting your butt: Specific letters to present to Amazon to combat any infringement or counterfeit claim and win 100% of the time.
  •   LIMITED BONUS DURING THIS PROMOTION: Personal contact with me if you have any questions or ever need help appealing an infringement claim.
Obviously I don’t want this to become mainstream information so I am creating a bit of a price barrier. I would also implore you not to disclose this information to anyone unless you want floods of competition learning these tactics and coming in on your finds. It should go without saying but I have to say it.
Also, I cannot be held responsible for the irresponsible use of this information. I also can’t be held accountable should your Amazon account be suspended because you failed to follow the simple procedures when an infringement claim is filed. Knowing how to easily and systematically appeal and win these claims is what separates the million dollar seller from the rest. I will teach you how I do it and the exact letters that I use each time a claim is filed. If you ever need help, my contact information is included.

I will also say that I specifically went after brands that I knew would come back at me and try to get me suspended. I did this to test my theories and knowledge of the laws designed to protect me. Over the course of 3 months I received over 40 infringement claims and 3 counterfeit claims. I will show you some exact “screen shot” examples of these claims and how I responded and won each one. I won all these claims using a simple email script that you will receive in this course.

NOTE: It’s far more likely that you’ll end up suspended by doing arbitrage because you’ll have no knowledge of the specific laws designed to protect you. In most cases Amazon will not accept your receipt as any kind of proof. There’s a specific yet simple way to combat every claim but you need a genuine invoice from a manufacturer or authorized distributor or knowledge of how to press the issue with your “receipt”. Despite what anyone may say, I’ve learned that arbitrage, as a business model, is dangerous because it circumvents the distribution chains of rights owners. It’s not a matter of if you’ll get suspended but when. You MUST learn the laws and strategies to protect yourself!
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Charles Heflin
P.S. : I used to live in fear of my Amazon account being suspended until I learned the laws that are designed to protect me. If you want to finally run and grow your business without fear that the rug will be pulled out from under you then order this course before the timer runs out!
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