Want a Never Ending Supply of Fast Turnover Wholesale Products to Sell?
  •  How to uncover an unlimited pool of profitable products to sell even if you’re a new seller. (see page 14)
  •  How to set up a never ending onslaught of vendors wanting to sell you their goods even if you don’t have a brick and mortar store. (see page 15) 
  •  How to set up a free and flawless follow up system for contacting unlimited vendors. 
  •  Learn how to say goodbye to the frustration of the “race to the bottom” pricing. 
  •  Learn the most efficient way to source fast selling, high capital turnover products. (see page 13) 
  •  Learn the exact formula to determine how quickly your items will sell. (see page 25) 
  •  How to automatically evaluate vendor products for profitability on Amazon even if they don’t have a price sheet. (see page 17) 
  •  Learn about the Goldilocks Zone where products sell slowly but make consistent, repeatable sales with little to no competition! 
  •  Learn one of the ultimate secrets of the Low Baller, “The Rolling SKUs Method”, which turns tiny ROIs into big ROIs. (see page 31)
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